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Harman K

I used to always struggle with motivation. The friendly tutors at High Score Learning encouraged me to work hard and be organized so I could improve my grades to get into university. With their help I got 99% in my Math 12 class! University, here I come!

Who We Are

On January 1st, 2000, the founder of what would eventually become High Score Learning Inc. started a one-on-one home tutoring service. In a short time, the confidence level and academic success of each student increased tremendously. As a result, word of mouth from students generated a lot of interest and the very first local premium learning centre, High Score Learning Inc., was established in April 2005 according to this same proven method for success. That day, High Score Learning Inc. opened its doors to every child providing service that follows three basic principles: simplicity, accessibility, and individuality.

Simplicity comes from our easy-to-teach approach which is simple for students and parents to understand and follow. At High Score Learning Inc., instead of confusing students by teaching them our own curriculum, we believe in teaching them what they learn at school. Simple, isn’t it? Accessibility refers to our belief that all students should have access to quality tutoring in a very effective and affordable way. At High Score Learning Inc., all the children can come under one platform and learn nearly every academic subject with ease in a productive and optimistic learning environment through the help of expert instructors. Lastly, we believe that individually-designed learning programs are the only true and tested method of reliable success. Each child is equally unique and important, and at High Score Learning Inc., we do not limit any student’s capabilities on predetermined notions and expectations. Instead, we develop our own unique tailor-made approach for each child because they deserve individual attention when it comes to tutoring.

Many of our students have been attending High Score Learning Inc. from kindergarten to Grade 12. Because of our commitment, dedication, and our strong trust with clients, High Score Learning Inc. has emerged as a leader in our field and has catered to thousands of students in our 13 years of operation. With the everlasting support of our clients and the exceptionally trained staff members of High Score Learning Inc., we continue to effectively create independent and academically successful students that are passed on to well-established institutions after they graduate..

Our Vision

High Score Learning Inc.’s vision is to create tutoring hubs where we can inspire, transform, and bring meaningful changes to your child’s education regardless of their performance in school. Not only that, but we strongly believe that tutoring should no longer be a financial burden to parents in the present economy. Therefore, we want to create a place for learning which offers affordable rates without sacrificing the quality of education your child receives. We only judge our success by the aggregate of our students’ success.

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