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Success Stories

Saurabh Bangar,

Queen Elizabeth Secondary School:

As a student who used to come home with C grades on my report card I used to think school wasn’t for me. I would look around at kids getting A’s on every single test and I wished I was just like them. Looking around when growing up with smart students,all I had was a strong heart. I believed in myself and recognized that if I wanted to achieve any aspect of success in life, I had to work hard for it. In reality, nothing is given to you in life because you have to put in countless hours of commitment to achieve your dreams. As a student that used to get C’s on his report cards and is today pursing a higher education, means anyone out there can accomplish higher grades. All you need is dedication and commitment to be who you really want to be in life. Thanks to all the tutors at High Score Learning Inc. for answering all my questions, helping me with my homework, and teaching me to believe in myself.

Where are they now?

Today Saurabh sits in Canada’s top second business school, Beedie School of Business, because he did not give up on hope and his big dreams. He is still working hard and plans to do his graduate degree at the University of Oxford, Yale University, or Harvard University.

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