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Amrit Samra,

North Surrey Secondary:

It was a pleasure to attend High Score Learning Inc. They have the best tutors who push to achieve your and your parents’ expectations. I have been going to High Score now for five years, from Grade 8 to 12, to get tutored. Some may think that five years is a long time, but looking back every day spent with them has been a day to cherish. When I first came to High Score Learning Inc. I studied math. My tutor spent mornings and nights trying to help me get from a C+ to at least a B. It was sometimes hard work, but that’s exactly what happened. My tutor took my hand and pulled me through every time, telling me that I was capable of doing anything I wanted to, even when I didn’t think I could make it.

I was a very shy and timid girl that didn’t like to talk much on my first day at High Score Learning Inc. I hated asking questions, I was ashamed of my grades, but I was in desperate need of help. The tutors gave me individual attention every day for hours on end, always making sure I was asking questions so that they knew where my problems were. My plan was to get a high B by the end of Grade 8. Unfortunately, things do not always turn out the way you plan, and I ended up getting a C+. I took my report card and showed it to my tutors, fearing that they would be pretty upset. To my surprise they were really encouraging instead. One of my tutors looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll figure out how to fix this.”Hearing those words boosted my confidence and made me determined to do better next year.

As I moved to higher grades, school only got more stressful. I got the B that I wanted but could never get anything higher than 82%. Grade 12 was a bit different. My tutors were unbelievably determined to get me above an 82%. I was kept in for extra hours, room was made for me in the timetable for emergencies such as quizzes and tests, and I was also offered home tutoring if I still needed more help. They did everything possible to help me through the semester and never let me go off the path to success. Eventually, I ended school with a 91% in pre-calculus 12!

My tutors and my parents were very proud of what I had accomplished. I am very grateful for all the work and effort that was put in from the team of super smart tutors at High Score Learning to get me what I deserved. Mine is just one success story of a student from High Score Learning Inc., I know thousands of others working away to make theirs…you can be one of them!

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