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Harbir Saran

Panorama Ridge

I want to share my perspective, now that I am a 21 year-old medical school student studying abroad. I was born and raised in Surrey, B.C. I was accepted into medical university directly after my graduation and had already left for school before the summer was over. Many people are astounded when they hear of this accomplishment, “You got into medical school, and directly after high school? How did you do it?” It was a combination of factors, to say the least, including hard work, perseverance, confidence and an abundant source of educational support from the tutors at High Score Learning Inc. Because of the help they provided, my grades were always at the top of my class, so no matter what field I chose the options were always available for me.

When I first came to High Score Learning Inc. I was only 13 years old and really didn’t have a strong academic base. I had struggled in every math and science class, and my Language Arts wasn't much better. My parents became concerned, and brought me to a variety of tutoring centres to get help. After being disappointed over and over, we considered High Score Learning Inc., a local tutoring company that had a pretty good reputation. Within the first few lessons at High Score Learning all my weaknesses and strong points had been identified and the tutors began to work at them right away. One of the greatest factors that makes High Score Learning Inc. as great as it is, is the dedication and persistence of the tutors, and the caring manner they provide it in. No matter who the student, what the difficulty, I saw with my own eyes, when one of the tutors was explaining something to a student whether it was me or another peer, they would not stop until the student fully and thoroughly understood the topic.

I can proudly say that if it wasn’t for High Score Learning and the time spent here I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would love to highly recommend them to any parents or students looking for a great tutoring centre and hoping to pursue a life similar to mine.

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