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Success Stories

Manpreet Gill,

Queen Elizabeth Secondary School:

Having gone to High Score Learning Inc. for the past five years, I can truly say that it helped me reach my academic goals. Since the eighth grade, I have only been attending the summer sessions to help me prepare in advance for the following year. This helped me substantially, as my marks began to steadily increase. By just going twice a week for two hours a day (and it’s only two months), we managed to cover over half of the curriculum. That’s right, the same material that I was going to do in school next year. Even though there was a lot to cover, by having mature tutors teaching me everything was reviewed extremely well and effectively. Even when I was being taught very hard concepts and word problems, my tutors made sure I was learning the easiest way possible.

The tutors at High Score Learning Inc. are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and willing to answer all of your questions. They help demonstrate the overall concept, and also answer any specific challenging questions. The learning environment at High Score Learning is great, as everyone motivates you to achieve your best. When I got into my classroom, I already knew I would be at the top of my class. I ended up getting 92% in pre-calculus 12 and 94% in calculus 12. My younger sister has also been attending, and will continue to do so. Since starting, there is no doubt that her marks have increased, and there has been a huge boost in her confidence. I want to thank everyone at High Score Learning Inc. who has helped me. Because of all the help and advice that I received, I can now apply that knowledge as I move on to succeed in life outside of high school. Thanks High Score!

Where are they now?

Manpreet graduated high school at the top of his class, and is now going to UBC as a first year science student.

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