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Success Stories

Nimrat Binning,

Queen Elizabeth Secondary School:

I have been a student at High Score Learning Inc. for over 6 years, and I can honestly say that my extremely high grades and overall A-grade average was because of the tutors at High Score Learning Inc.! The tutors are extremely friendly and care about their students. They are always willing to help and provide assistance in not only learning and teaching, but also with discussing your progress, goals, and performance. Within a week, your tutor will help build your platform for success and within a month, you’ll begin to notice results! It doesn’t matter if you’re student with the lowest grade in the class, when test results are returned, you soon realize that you’ve become one of the top students in the class! Sometimes it takes time, but you will slowly begin to make your way to the top- it’s the best feeling in the world…trust me! I struggled A LOT in Math 12, but with the guidance of instructors at High Score Learning Inc., I learned new, approachable ways to solve problems and equate mathematics-based questions! I learned tips and tricks from endlessly knowledgeable tutors at High Score Learning Inc. who basically taught me “the recipe for success” which allowed me to earn the highest mark in my class! I was referred to this company by someone else who found success too, it was only later that I realized it wasn’t just me, High Score Learning Inc. has a pattern for guaranteed improvement! The tutors at High Score Learning Inc. are constantly challenging you so you’ll always be one step ahead of the rest of your class. It’s no wonder they take pride in their work! I’d strongly recommend this center to anyone who needs help in any subject- many of the tutors specialize in certain subjects so without a doubt, you’ll be guaranteed a well-rounded tutor to assist you. I definitely recommend High Score Learning Inc. It’s affordable, worth every dime, and will be one of the best decisions you ever made! Thanks High Score, you rock!

Nimrat Binning was one of many recipients of the High Score Learning Scholarship Program, which seeks to help place our most promising and dedicated students into accredited elite universities.

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