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Navneet Brar and Jasneet Brar

We have been coming here for four years for help in Math and English during the summer session. The tutors helped us understand the concepts for the following year. Every year we come here for help and the expert tutors are able to cover the same amount in two months that takes us over four months in school! High Score Learning Inc. is the choice for you!

Steps to Registration

1. Call To Make An Appointment

Be advised that there is a lot of information to share,and that it is not possible to discuss everything over the phone. Therefore, we encourage you to bring as many questions as you would like when you come to meet us.After all, finding the right tutor for your child is an important decision and should not be rushed. Call High Score Learning Inc. @778-979-5357

2. Let’s Talk

Our friendly staff will be glad to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns regarding your child’s education. We will discuss in detail the way we tutor our students and introduce the way we operate.

3. Try Us Out

We want commitment from parents and students before they make a decision about tutoring. In our years of experience, the best way to find that commitment is through a trial, where your child is able to experience what learning with us feels like. On our end, this provides us with an opportunity to get to know both your child’s personality and their academic strengths and weaknesses.

4. Detailed Assessment

During this time, feedback will be shared about your child. Upon this, we will recommend certain study plans and programs based on your child’s academic needs.

5. Registration

It is time to register your child at High Score Learning Inc. All of the payment options, days and times of tutoring will be figured out during this step. Registration is the first step in the right direction towards your child’s educational pursuit at High Score Learning Inc.

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