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Anchal Dewett

I love going to High Score Learning Inc. It’s so much better than all the other tutoring places I have gone to. High Score’s tutors take their time to help their students. It makes a real difference. The homework they give can be hard at times but they also take the time to explain what to do so we fully understand our work. My favourite part about High Score Learning Inc. is the tutors can be really funny.


High Score Scholarships!

At High Score Learning Inc., we believe that learning should be accessible to everyone. High Score Scholarships are a way for us to help the local community and provide post-secondary educational access to exceptional students. Every year we pick students from around BC to receive funding towards their post-secondary schooling so that they can focus more on learning and less on debt.

Launching New Website

We just launched our new website! – But you can see that for yourself.

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Registrations for February are going on RIGHT NOW!
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