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Harjot Ballagan

After coming to High Score Learning Inc., I improved a lot in math and science. The tutors taught me that it is important to say something when you don’t understand. All the tutors are great listeners and are able to help with anything I need. After studying with my tutors I learned to open up and I started to understand a lot of the questions for school quickly and easily.


    • Parents
      • How can I know if my child needs tutoring?
        If your child is not able to keep up with school assignments, is falling behind in class, has poor self-esteem, and you are a busy parent unable to assist them, it might be the right time to sign up for tutoring lessons.
      • Does my child only need tutoring if they are struggling in school?
        No. Our programs are also catered to those students who wish to academically challenge themselves and move ahead in their studies.
      • Does High Score Learning teach what my child learns at school?
        We strictly follow the BC curriculum to ensure that your child learns the exact material they learn at school.
      • How will I be able to monitor my child’s progress?
        All the tutors record your child’s progress in our Daily Tracker program. This records all of the work that your child completes at school and at our centre. Our tutors regularly keep you updated about your child’s progress. We are committed to improving your child’s standing and we believe that this can be attained by regular communication.
      • How will I know if my child is improving?
        Each child is different. Some children may progress faster than others based on individual weaknesses and strengths. Rest assured, our tutors work closely from Day 1 to help your child improve their studies. With over 13 years of experience, we have encountered students who have improved from anywhere from within a week, a month, or a year.
      • Is getting my child a tutor going to be expensive?
        We offer very affordable rates because we believe that each child should be able to learn at a cost-effective price. We will customize a program that fits your budget.
      • How much experience do High Score Learning Inc. instructors have before they start tutoring?
        We have a team of experts ranging from certified teachers, college professors, graduate university students, and select undergraduates from accredited universities, and individuals from other professions. We carefully select tutors based on reference checks, interviews, and previous experience.
      • Is the environment in the centres suitable for my child?
        High Score Learning Inc. offers a very professional and secure environment for all students, as we want your child to be comfortable asking tutors for help. Also, by having your child surrounded by other students that are focused on learning, we are confident that your child will become more motivated to learn and excel in his/her studies.

    • Educators
      • what do you do to help children succeed in their studies?
        Along with improved academic performance in school, we guide students to becoming independent learners by encouraging them to develop strong study habits that will help them perform better on school assignments, projects, and tests.
      • Will you contact me about my student’s progress?
        Yes, we will regularly correspond with you in any way that is convenient for you either through email or telephone. We want all students at High Score Learning Inc. to excel in their studies, and we believe that we can accomplish this goal with the help of teachers like you.
      • What if your curriculum differs from the one I use in my classroom?
        Our High Score Learning Inc. centres have material from all major textbook publishers in British Columbia and regularly update our libraries. In addition, our extra material follows the B.C. Curriculum expectations. If a child is working on something unique outside of our resources, please let us know in advance so that we can teach the way that the child will be learning inside the classroom. Our tutors are all very dynamic and knowledgeable about various teaching styles.

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