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My time at HighScore Learning Inc. has given me an appreciation for the enormous range of learning styles. Despite knowing the curriculum very well each new student presents a new challenge and often requires a different approach. The most rewarding part of this job was watching students improve their understanding and improve their grades as a result.


At High Score Learning Inc., we work endlessly to shape the future of students. We believe in building a strong team that consists of individuals that are driven, self-motivated, and passionate about spreading their love for knowledge and display a positive attitude that motivates students to strive for success. We choose the best of the best from a vast pool of applicants. Our team consist of experts ranging from certified teachers, college professors, graduate university students, and select undergraduates from accredited universities, and individuals from other professions. Our employees not only hold a strong academic record, but they also possess exceptional life skills and experiences.

All of our new tutors go through extensive training upon hiring. Each individual works with an experienced tutor of High Score Learning Inc. until they are permitted to independently teach students.
A lot of emphasis is placed on continuously improving their teaching skills throughout their time at High Score Learning Inc. Trial tutoring sessions are conducted to ensure that we find the right tutor for each child.


teacher   OUR TUTORS

  • Possess a thorough knowledge and passion of their specific subject matter.
  • Identify children’s individual learning needs and plan lessons accordingly.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the BC curriculum
  • Accept that every child has the ability to triumph
  • Are professional, reliable, and organized
  • Hold excellent oral communication skills
  • Continuously strive to increase the overall quality of the work environment
  • Pursue excellence

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