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Keeping in mind the benefits of starting educational programs at an early age, we have developed this program for preschool, kindergarten, and Grade 1 students who wish to establish a strong learning foundation in math and English. Why wait? It is never too early to give your children that extra push….

This comprehensive program is directed at students that are performing poorly and are slipping below their grade level. Our aim is to discover the weaknesses of students that are struggling with coursework as soon as possible, and turn them in to more confident learners. A lot of patience, dedication, knowledge, experience, and hard work are put behind each and every single student to ensure that they get the best value out of this program….

Whether you are a genius or not, you can always improve your academic skills. This program is perfect for those individuals that wish to push themselves for a more challenging learning experience where there are no limits…..

This program is ideal for students preparing for any upcoming school exams and B.C. provincial exams by developing revision techniques that will assist their performance. Also, we motivate and mentor students in order to increase confidence in their ability to achieve higher learning outcomes….

This program will engage students that did poorly in the previous school year and for those who want to keep themselves ahead of the game. We aid students in fun-filled academic activities to prepare them for their upcoming school year. We aim to shape them in to more reflective thinkers with strong study habits be keeping them engaged during the holidays….

It all began on January 1st, 2000 when the founder of what would eventually become High Score Learning Inc. started a one-on-one home tutoring service. As time passed, the confidence level and academic success of each student increased tremendously. As a result, word of mouth from students generated a lot of interest and the very first local premium learning centre, High Score Learning Inc., was establishedin April 2005. Keeping in mind the three basic principles of simplicity, accessibility, and individuality, High Score Learning Inc. opened its doors to every child.

Simplicity is based on our easy-to-teach approach which is very simple for students and parents to understand and follow. At HSL, instead of confusing students by teaching them our own curriculum, we believe in teaching them what they learn at school. Simple, isn’t it? When it comes to accessibility, HSL strongly believe that all students should have access to quality tutoring in a very effective and affordable way. At HSL, all the children can come under one platform and learn almost every academic subject with ease in a productive and optimistic learning environment with the help of expert instructors. Lastly, individuality is something HSL highly values. Each child is equally unique and important, and at HSL we do not limit any student’s capabilities on predetermined notions and expectations. Instead, we develop our own unique tailor-made approach for each child because they deserve individual attention when it comes to tutoring.

Many of our students have been attending High Score Learning Inc. from kindergarten to Grade 12. Because of our commitment, dedication, and our strong trust with clients, High Score Learning Inc. has emerged as a leader and has catered to thousands and thousands of students in the past years. Throughout the years, with the everlasting support of our clients and exceptionally trained staff members of High Score Learning Inc., we continue to effectively create independent and academically successful students that are being placed in well-established institutions after they graduate.

Our Vision

High Score Learning Inc.’s vision is to create tutoring hubs where we can inspire, transform, and bring meaningful changes to your child’s education regardless of their performance in school. Not only that, but we strongly believe that tutoring should no longer be a burden to parents in the present economy. Therefore, we want to create a place for learning which offers affordable rates without sacrificing the quality of education your child receives, as our sole aim is to see your child succeed in their studies.

Choosing the right tutoring centre for your child can be quite mind-boggling. Finding tutoring services where you can get the best bang for your buck is becoming quite a challenge. With over 13 years of being in the tutoring business, we have consistently made sure that our students get the best out of their tutoring experience at our centres. We promise to deliver the following:

Help with all subjects

No matter what you are learning in school, we will be able to help you. At High Score Learning Inc., all of the subjects from kindergarten to Grade 12 are taught by expert individuals at one place. All of our subjects are taught according to the BC curriculum.

Individual attention

We create tailor-made programs for each student, as each student learns in a different way and should be exposed to different methodologies of teaching. We match the pace, knowledge, and strengths of each student with a suitable instructor.

Great learning atmosphere

We tutor in a professional atmosphere because a great learning environment is the key to academic success. We believe that students will be more eager to study if they are taught in setting that is dedicated to meeting their learning needs.

Home Tutoring

If your demanding schedule does not permit you to bring your child to our centre, we will gladly come to your door. We really want our students to succeed in any way that is convenient for them, whether it is at our centres or in the ease of their home.


Students should be awarded for their high achievements. We offer scholarships and bursaries for students that have displayed great academic ambition. This will not only motivate them to be better students, but also help them in their pursuit of higher education.

Customer service

Whether you are an old, present, or future client, we are always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have. We are fully committed to making sure that you are 100% satisfied with our services.

Overcome homework assignments

Half of the battle is won if students understand their homework. We teach students how to develop the necessary knowledge to complete these tasks at home. That way, their time is better spent at the centre going over their homework and asking questions about things they didn’t understand.

Regular monitoring reports

Daily monitoring reports for students are constructive tools that make it easier for parents to track their child’s progress at our centre. By doing this, we want parents to feel more connected and well-aware of how their child is doing in school.

Exceptional rates

We guarantee the best rates while providing a team of qualified tutors that are unmatched by other tutoring organizations at the same price. We will never sacrifice our quality even though our rates are inexpensive.

Learning independently

We do not believe in giving away answers. This defeats the purpose of completing assignments and tests and takes away student involvement. We will make them in to independent learners by guiding them to complete assignments on their own, thus boosting their self-confidence.

Experienced staff

We hire the very best to teach your child. Our team of instructors mainly possess graduate degrees, Masters, PHD, or are individuals pursuing fields in education. Having instructors with vase life experiences that are capable of being positive mentors to students is just as important as having a great education background.

Absolute flexibility

We are flexible. We will try our best to match our schedule with yours. We will find a suitable time that best works for your child.

Realistic approach

We help students set realistic and achievable goals towards their studies. Learning is a gradual process and achieving high marks take time. We vigorously work with your child to ensure that improvement is reflected in your child’s school report card in a timely manner.

No gimmicks

There are no hidden fees. Registration and assessment are completely free of charge. All of the tutoring fees are discussed prior to registration so that all of our clients are clear what they are paying for.
In contact with teachers

Regular contact with teachers allows us to teach our students according to their weaknesses and strengths. This helps us steer students’ focus on the main areas that they could benefit from at school.

No big groups

We will only teach in small groups consisting of 2, 3, or 4 students. We strongly believe that learning should take place in small groups because it gives each student a chance to receive more private and individualized attention.

Guarantee improvement

We fully guarantee an improvement in your child’s studies. With over 13 years of tutoring experience, we are 100% confident that we can improve your child in the best way.


Experienced Staff

Choose tutoring companies that only hires instructors that are experiencedand have a large amount of expertise in their fields. Just because you pay a low rate that does not mean that your child should be taught by students still in elementary or secondary school.

Great learning environment

Choose a professional business setting for your child when it comes to tutoring. Studying at centres operated from someone’s house might not be the best solution because you do not get the all of the comfort, resources, and environment of a classroom-like place.

Overcome homework assignments

Helping your child finish their homework is not the only solution to your child’s success. Find a tutoring centre where your child receives supplementary material to sharpen and master their homework skills, in addition to learning ahead of their class.

Exceptional Rates

Paying very low rates for tutoring usually indicates that your child is being taught by inexperienced individuals or they are being taught in a large group where they do not receive enough attention.

Realistic approach

Choose a tutoring centre that guarantees an improvement in your child’s report card, rather than their own report card.

1.Call to Make an Appointment

Be advised that there is a lot of information to share,and that it is not possible to discuss everything over the phone. Therefore, we encourage you to bring as many questions as you would like when you come to meet us.After all, finding the right tutor for your child is an important decision and should not be rushed.

2. Let’S Talk

Our friendly staff will be glad to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns regarding your child’s education. We will discuss in detail the way we tutor our students and introduce the way we operate.

3. Try Befor you Register

This trial hour is an assessment tool which will help us determine the strengths and weaknesses of your child. As well, this gives you, your child, and High Score Learning Inc. the opportunity to get to know each other. It will also help us figure out the best study plan for your child.

4. Post-Trial

During this time, feedback will be shared about your child. Upon this, we will recommend certain study plans and programs based on your child’s academic needs.

5. Registration

It is time to register your child at High Score Learning Inc. All of the payment options, days and times of tutoring will be figured out during this step. Registration is the first step in the right direction towards your child’s educational pursuit at High Score Learning Inc.