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Harman K

I used to always struggle with motivation. The friendly tutors at High Score Learning encouraged me to work hard and be organized so I could improve my grades to get into university. With their help I got 99% in my Math 12 class! University, here I come!


Keeping in mind the benefits of starting educational programs at an early age, we have developed this program for preschool, kindergarten, and Grade 1 students who wish to establish a strong learning foundation…

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This comprehensive program is directed at students that are performing poorly and are slipping below their grade level. Our aim is to discover the weaknesses of students that are struggling with coursework as…

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Challenge-Based Learning

Whether you are a genius or not, you can always improve your academic skills. This program is perfect for those individuals that wish to push themselves for a more challenging learning experience where…

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Exam Preparation

This program is ideal for students preparing for any upcoming school exams and B.C. provincial exams by developing revision techniques that will assist their performance. Also, we motivate and mentor students in order…

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Summer Retreat

This program will engage students that did poorly in the previous school year and for those who want to keep themselves ahead of the game. We aid students in fun-filled academic activities to…

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Reading Buddies

Reading exposes students to innovative ideas and perspectives. We believe that the skills that develop from reading are fundamental and applicable to every field of study. We partner younger students up with older…

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At High Score Learning Inc., we help you design and shape your child’s study plan. First, we will work with you to select the best program for your child’s education. Next, we will recommend the number of scheduled days that your child should attend our centres. As we have vast experience in our field, we assure you that we are committed to building a plan that improves the unique areas where your child needs help the most. To decide the number of days your child should attend, we consider three important variables:



This allows us to determine students’ strengths and weaknesses according to the school standard, but we also understand that school curriculum is not the only metric for progress. We strongly believe in assessing each student on our end for regular, reliable updates on improvement.


School Pace

As different school systems move at different paces, knowing if your school is linear or semester-based will help us determine how often your child is studying each subject. We want to make sure that the teacher isn’t rushing through material and administering tests before we get a chance to help out your child.


Number of Subjects

If your child needs help in multiple subject areas, it is usually best to focus on certain core subjects first. As your child wants to study more work in our centre, we can redistribute hours to make time to work on a 3rd or 4th subject after we have at least one under control. Increasing the number of subjects without increasing attendance just means we have less time to help in each area, and can sometimes slow down effective results.


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